When Did Sex Become “COOL”?

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Today’s topic: SEX and sexual desire. That’s right, kids; this post is going to be raunchy (not really), but it’ll be awkward and undoubtedly honest, but not in a snarky way because I have no idea what I’m saying when I talk about sex. It’s like I’m a vegetarian in a meat market but way worse. Also, all of my GIFs will be New Girl GIFs because New Girl is the best show ever. 

If you really think about it, what else has changed this past decade besides the fact that youngins have having sex at alarming rates? I believe that the younger generation’s change in sexual behavior relates to the pervasive nature of social media. In Paul Sheehan’s “R u ready for the latest change to sexual behaviour?,” he does a great job at pinpointing exactly how sexual roles have changed in the wake of social media and other forms of digital media. In today’s world, sexting has become unstinting, and modern technology has revealed how contagious sexual desire can be, and it’s making it more acceptable to share your sexual thoughts and inhibitions in an almost indirect way. Many of my friends talk about sexting, and it just seems like, EVERYONE DOES IT or at least thinks about doing it.

New Girl

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What’s evermore compelling is that according to Sheehan, “men are [typically] the drivers of sexual desire,” but digital media is showing us that this sexual desire is reciprocal. Women want it too, and this becomes exceedingly more apparent when we look at the younger generation. It’s definitely accurate to state that “women in their 30s are becoming sexual fogeys compared with the next wave of young women.” Social media is ultimately loosening the social constraints on female sexuality so that women have a safe space (i.e. their smart phones) to share their once repressed thoughts. Sex might not actually be “cool,” but it’s much more prevalent than it was a decade ago, and the immense popularity of sexting and sharing one’s sexual desires makes sex seem cool. Even my cousin, who’s younger than me, lost her virginity much earlier than when I did. It’s just much more socially acceptable (or at least more so now) to be sexually active or to freely express one’s sexual desires at a younger age.

In the end, my inability to be cool at sex or talk about sex in a cool way or get on this “Sex is COOL” bandwagon will result in this:

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Now, let’s talk about this. Do you think sex is cool? Do you agree with Sheehan’s findings? Will you closely monitor your kids’ texting habits, so they don’t SEXT?